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Several leading companies have chosen Kolibri Systems to provide the control room interface and key applications for their TETRA systems. One of our key partners has provided solutions to companies in European countries that were among the first to introduce TETRA in the public and private sector. These companies include sectors in Oil & Gas industry, security firms, Railways and the parking police of several large cities. Also a Dutch TETRA operator with services nationwide, trusts Kolibri to provide the control room applications for all of their customers.

Sample installations:

Museums: A customised, multi-network (TETRA and MOTOTRBO) Kolibri solution used by a security company to protect the art and the visitors in several museums.
Reference project: PP10

Airports: Many airports around the world, rely on a Kolibri solution for their critical communications.
Functionalities used on these airports are TETRA and Ananlogue radio communications, extensive telephone integration, paging and logging.
As each airport has different requirements and needs, each airport has a customized Kolibri solution that meets their specific requirements.
Reference project: Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Large city parking police: Employs a full Kolibri solution, including our tracking application. Two servers are connected for redundancy (hot-stand by). A distant backup facility enhances the uptime of the entire system.

Neighbourhood street surveillance: Single operator track station. Installed by Kolibri on a client’s desktop computer, our solution allows the control room operator to watch the positions of a neighbourhood’s “street coaches” and act quickly if an emergency message is received.

Oil & Gas: Kolibri’s dispatch interface manages and controls 250 radios on a distant production gas field for a client. The IP-connected clients allow management to monitor activities from another site. A special tracking client can be activated in emergency cases only, protecting worker privacy during normal operations and satisfying union guidelines.
Reference project: Onshore and Offshore solution

Security: For a company providing security to a major European government institution, Kolibri’s dispatch solution manages its control room. Kolibri ‘s product performed the best with the firm’s encrypted Motorola radios.

Public transport facilities: Kolibri’s dispatch interfaces manage 200 radios in ten stations for this facility. Multiple operator positions are IP-connected to a central Kolibri server. A direct interface with the Motorola Dimetra IP system enables immediate insights into which radios are activated.

World wide presents
Kolibri has installed solutions all around the world.
Below is a representation in which sector and in which country a Kolibri solutions is used.

Public Safety

Brazil Denmark France France Mexico Netherlands

Oil & Gas

Argentina Nigeria Netherlands Norway

Public Services

France Netherlands

Public Transport

Aruba Belgium France Netherlands




Australia Brazil Netherlands


Angola Chile


Australia Belgium Brazil France Netherlands Saudi Arabia



Utility companies

Georgia Netherlands Philippines South Africa


Germany Netherlands


Belgium Mexico Netherlands


United Kingdom




Germany United States


Brazil France Nigeria Netherlands