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Let's meet at the PMR Expo to discuss our vision on the future of Command & Control.

Luckily, we can meet each other personally at the PMR Expo and we are looking forward to that. We would like to make an appointment on Tuesday or Wednesday. Please let us know when it suits you best to meet.

Why we would like to meet you
We would like to exchange ideas with you on the future developments of Mission Critical Control Rooms. Furthermore, we would like to bring you up to date on our vision on the future and the evolution of our Kolibri solution. Specifically, we would like to discuss the transition to MCX, Migration scenarios and Web consoles.

We look forward to seeing you at the PMR Expo!
Should you be interested to meet with us, please let me know via the email below:


A year ago, the successful migration of the C2000 communication system of the Dutch police took place. For the new C2000 system the radio network, with 650 Sites and 80.000 users, is delivered by Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH. Kolibri Systems B.V. delivered the Control Room solution with over 440 Operator Positions divided over 19 Control Rooms.

Thanks to the excellent cooperation between Hytera and Kolibri Systems it was possible to prepare the Kolibri Control Room solution for the C2000 system in a relative short timeframe, given the complexity of the system.

We are proud of this remarkable achievement as well as the stable functioning of the control room solution in this challenging mission critical environment.

KOLIBRI 8 is released !

Kolibri version 8.1.0
Release date: 01 October 2020

We are proud to announce the release of Kolibri 8, it packs lots of new features and improvements.
If you want more information on a specific item, send us an email to:

New in Kolibri 8

Product improvements

  • Improved support for audio devices: Audio devices, such as microphones, are more resistant to USB changes.
  • Map on subpage/tab: A map or even multiple maps can now be placed on a subpage or background tab. This is ideal for small monitor screens.
  • Filter shown information on dispatcher: The operator can now filter information (such as registered radios and talkgroups) shown on his or her console. Or this can be done automatically by Kolibri using predefined filters.
  • Additional GUI configuration option: The already comprehensive GUI options are now further improved. For example: the whole talkgroup cell can act as a select/unselect button or transmit on that talkgroup.
  • PostgreSQL 12: Improved database replication. Kolibri 8 uses the latest PostgreSQL database for the Kolibri configuration database and the logging database: PostgreSQL version 12. This includes improved database replication, better table segregation and improved security.
  • Telephony consultation call: Consultation call is now supported.

New gateways and interfaces

  • Radio Activity Kairos support: New in Kolibri 8 are the IP gateways to connect to the Radio Activity SLR “Kairos” radio network solutions (VHF).
  • Motorola DIMETRA support: Kolibri support full IP interfacing, voice (DCS) and data (ATIA, SDR, CADI) with Motorola Dimetra Express, Release 9 and X-Core radio networks.
  • Motorola CAPMAX IP support: New in Kolibri 8 are the IP gateways to connect to a Motorola MOTOTRBO CAPMAX. The IP interfaces supports audio and data.
  • Hytera ACCESSNET-T IP support: New in Kolibri 8 are the IP gateways to connect to a Hytera ACCESSNET-T radio network. The IP interfaces supports audio and data.
  • Airbus DXT TCS support: New in Kolibri 8 are the IP gateways to connect to an Airbus DXT Tetra Connection Server (TCS). With the Kolibri solution there is no need for the Airbus Tetra Voice Gateway (TVG). The IP interfaces supports audio and data.
  • ED-137 support: ED-137 is now supported by Kolibri. ED-137 is a standard used in Air Traffic and Maritime radio communication.

End of support of Kolibri version 6.5
With the release of Kolibri 8.1 comes an end of support of Kolibri 6.5. The support will end six month from now on March 31, 2021.

Upgrade to Kolibri version 8.1
With a Support & Software License Renewal (SLR) contact in place upgrading to Kolibri 8.1 is possible with no additional licenses fees.
If there is no SLR contract in place a Release Upgrade to Kolibri 8.1 can be purchased with a very attractive discount.
For more information on Kolibri 8.1 or to purchase a Kolibri 8.1 Release Upgrade, please contact us via:

This autumn we are present at the PMR Expo, together with BEScom

Kolibri will again be present at the annual PMR Expo event in Cologne.
Together with our German partner BEScom we will showcase our versatile and comprehensive Command & Control solution that is used by all kinds of different customers around the globe.

Don't hesitate to come by to discuss how Kolibri can provide you with the solutin for your operations or to just say "hello".
We look forward to see you at the BEScom stand (stand A01) in the exposition hall.

For more information about our German partner BEScom
For more information about the PMR Expo, take a look at the event website.

BAPCO & CCE 2019

Kolibri will be present at the BAPCO / CCE event in Coventry, UK.
At the event we shall showcase our solutions and we would be interested in discussing with you how we can provide the best solution for your Command & Control communication needs.

Meet us at our stand at H22
The BAPCO event is held on 12 and 13 March 2019 in the Ricoh Arena. See the event website for more information

24. Hamburger Kommunikationstag

We will be present at the 24th Hamburger Kommunikationstag held on the first of March in the Holiday Inn. The event is organised by BESCom Elektronik.
At the event there is a demo of our versatile Kolibri Command and Control solution and we will give a presentation titled "Vom Dispatcher zur Leitstelle - ein Softwarebaukasten".
More info on the event is available at the BESCom website.

Kolibri Systems moves into a new office – July 1st, 2017

As of July 1th, Kolibri Systems has moved into a new office
The new office is less than three km from the old office, close to the historic city center of Delft.

Our new address is:
Phoenixstraat 60 D
2611 AM Delft
The Netherlands
The new office on OpenStreetMap

Critical Communications World 2016, incorporating the TETRA World Congress, Amsterdam, the Netherlands – May 31st, 2016

Kolibri will present its versatile Kolibri product range of control room applications at the upcoming CCW in Amsterdam.

We are delighted to welcome you at our booth to show you the latest developments in the Kolibri product range, to discuss how Kolibri may fit you needs or just to say hello!

You find us at booth: Z308.
If you want to arrange a meeting, please send an email to

Kolibri Systems wins contract at Schiphol Airport with Koning en Hartman – June, 2015

Kolibri will deliver an integrated control room solution at Schiphol Airport in collaboration with its partner Koning en Hartman. The communication solution comprises 7 control centres with two fallback facilities at the airport. The control centres manage all kinds of mission critical activities, such as Security control, Emergency handling, Passenger services and more.

Kolibri Systems offers proven technology which has already been implemented on many airports world-wide.

For more information on Kolibri Systems control room solutions, please contact

Critical Communications World 2015, incorporating the TETRA World Congress, Barcelona, Spain – April 29th, 2015

Kolibri will present its versatile Kolibri product range of control room applications at the upcoming CCW in Barcelona.

Many companies word-wide have recognised the advantanges of the various Kolibri applications for their organisations and have choosen Kolibri as their command and control solution.
We are delighted to welcome you at our booth to show you the latest developments in the Kolibri product range, to discuss how Kolibri may fit you needs or just to say hello!

  • ✓ Kolibri dispatch solutions: voice, tracking (AVL), text messages, telemetry
  • ✓ Kolibri Logging: logging of voice and data (GPS, text, console actions etc.)
  • ✓ Kolibri Monitoring system: real time insight of the radio network load.

    You find us at booth: A609.
    If you want to arrange a meeting, please send an email to

    Motorola App Forum – September 24th and 25th, 2014

    As a long-time Motorola Application Partner, Kolibri Systems was present at the Motorola App Forum 2014, this year held in Brussels.
    The App Forum is the annual event where Motorola shows the latest developments to its partners.
    During the event, Bart Cuperus, CTO of Kolibri Systems was interviewed by James Atkinson of Wireless Magazine.
    The link to the article is listed below.

    Links to Wireless Magazine article and the coverage of the Motorola perss release:

    Critical Communications World 2014, Singapore – May 5th, 2014

    For the sixth year, Kolirbi Systems will be exhibiting at the Critical Communications World, held this year at the Marina Bay Sands venue in Singapore.

    As in the previous events, Kolibri shall demonstrates its latest developments of its versatile control room solutions.
    Some of those latest developments include solutions to manage large scale radio networks in real time, but not only large radio networks benefit from the ongoing developments, we haven't forgot our small customers in the DMR or Mexedge market!
    We look forward to meet you at the Marina Bay Sands venue in our booth so show you the Kolibri control room solution that fits you needs.

    You find us at booth: B505

    January 3th, 2014 – Kolibri turns SEVEN!

    Following the development for the Dutch Public Safety network, Cuperus Consultants started developing its own Control Room solution. In january 2007, with the first official built Kolibri was born.

    In 2009 Kolibri Systems B.V. was founded as the company to market the Kolibri product. From that moment on, Kolibri began to grow to what it currently is: a versatile Control Room application that is uzed world-wide in all kinds of organisations.
    From small organisations with a single dispatcher to large organisations with multiple dipatchers on multiple radio networks, they all rely on Kolibri as the Control Room solution for their communication needs.

    Later this year we will release Kolibri 7, full with new features that will bring your Control Room to the next level.

    November 21th, 2013 – Kolibri Mototrbo webinar

    Kolibri held a presentation during the Mototrola Mototrbo webinar.

    During the webinar, Motorola discussed the latest news, developments and roadmap for the next year.
    Part of the webinar was a presentation of Kolibri Systems and the versatile Kolibri product suite.
    Please click here for the Kolibri presentation.

    Kolibri is for the first time present in the Motorola Mototrbo App catalogue with two products:
    the Kolibri product, the versatile disaptch and tracking solution and the Kolibri Logging System.
    The catalogue will be available soon. July 16th, 2013 – Announcement Kolibri Technical Training

    There will be a Kolibri Technical Training this September.

    The training is ideal for people that are starting with Kolibri and staff that has worked before with the Kolibri product range and that wants to keep their knowledge updated and that want to know more about all the (new) possibilities of Kolibri. This two day training is suited for technical staff that installs and does maintenance and support on Kolibri.

    Content of the training:

    • ✓Introduction to Kolibri
    • ✓Installing a Kolibri solution
    • ✓Basic configurations of a Kolibri installation
    • ✓Understanding the more complex Kolibri possibilities
    • ✓Troubleshooting

    The dates are not yet set for the training. Planning is mid September, but the exact dates and times depends on pre-registrations. If you are interested in participating, please pre-register before 17th of August 2013 and provide preferable dates. Please note that the number of trainees is limited and that acceptance is in order of first come, first serve basis.

    Go to the download page of the website for more information on the Kolibri Technical Training
    or contact Gjalt van der Veen (

    April 25th, 2013 – Kolibri Systems present at Critical Communication World in Paris:

    Kolibri shall exhibit its latest developments of the Kolibri product at the CCW in Paris.
    This will include new possibilities, functionalities and capabilities.
    New possibilities are the Kenwood Nexedge connection and new funtionalities, such as a generic Job Ticket System that can work on all radio platforms and is also compatible with the Motorola Work Order system.

    We look forward to welcome you at our booth C419 to experience all the possibilities first hand. or to discuss the possibilities of Kolibri to your customer specific requirements.
    Please visit us at stand C419

    If you need more information, contact one of our many partners or contact Kolibri Systems directly.

    Redundant Kolibri solution commissioned in the harbour industry
    End of 2012 a new Kolibri control room solution was commissioned at the largest transshipment company operating in the Rotterdam harbour. With its 24/7 year round production in a hazardous work area, communication is critical. Therefore the company and its system integrator, choose Kolibri as it control room solution.
    The communication system is fully redundant, from the DAMM TetraFlex radio system to the Kolibri control room solution.

    Kolibri Work Order system
    End of January, the new Kolibri Work Order system will be launced. The Work Order system (or sometimes called Job Ticket system or Working Ticket system) is a new addition to the many possibilities of Kolibri.
    The Kolibri Work Order system is perfectly suited for Logistic industries, such as Logistic distribution centres or taxi companies.
    One of the benefits of Kolibri is its modular setup: You can only order the Work Order system module or integrate it with dispatching and/or tracking modules.

    If you need more information, contact one of our many partners or contact Kolibri Systems directly.

    September 27th, 2012 –The Kolibri Techincal Traning already fully booked

    The Kolibri Technical Training gained a lot of interest and with the current registered trainees the training on November 6th and 7th is already fully booked.

    As there is still interest in the Technical Training, Kolibri will provide a second training later this year.

    Information on dates of the second training will be published here, so keep an eye on this website.

    September 25th, 2012 – Kolibri Technical Training 2012

    On November 6th and 7th there will be a technical training at the Kolibri Systems office in Delft.
    The training is ideal for people that are starting with Kolibri and staff that has worked before with the Kolibri product range and that wants to keep their knowledge updated and that want to know more about all the (new) possibilities of Kolibri.
    This training is suited for technical staff that installs and does maintenance and support on Kolibri.
    Click HERE or go to the download page of the website for more information on the Kolibri Technical training regarding dates, planning, training subjects and accommodations.

    You can contact me directly for inquiries and information on
    Please note that the number of trainees is limited and that acceptance is in order of first come, first serve basis.

    August 28, 2012 – Kolibri Systems goes Brazil and DAMM Tetraflex connection ready to be installed.

    After a successfull TETRA World Congress in Dubai, Kolibri Systems will deliver in the beginning of September it first instalation in Brazil for a Municipality in the province of Rio Grande do Sul.
    The system will consist of four control rooms that will be connected to a single Motorola DIPC system.
    Each control room will utilize all features of the Kolibri control room solution with including the integrated dispatching and AVL consoles and KoliReplay for replaying GPS and voice information.
    Kolibri’s KoliLink solution is used to let all four control rooms be connected and utilize the DIPC interfaces, while haveing Agency Partitioning between all four control rooms.
    KoliLink acts as a gateway making it possible that multiple control rooms can be connected to radio systems that can be used as fallback control room(s) or that can be operated completely eperated from each other.

    DAMM Tetraflex
    The small and versatile DAMM TetraFlex system is easy to use, cost effective and is used worldwide in all kinds of organizations.
    With the Kolibri IP wired connection to DAMM, Kolibri enables the full use of the capacities of the TetraFlex system, enabling enhanced features already available in the Kolibri product suite.
    This summer the first customer of Kolibri with a DAMM Tetraflex system will go operational. The customer is the largest coal and iron ore transshipment terminal located in the port of Rotterdam.
    The customer runs a twentyfour hours seven day a week business, year-round. Therefore, continuity of their operations is of utmost importance. To guaranty the continuity of operations, the customer choose Kolibri’s redundant server solution for high availability.
    Together with the redundant hardware set-up and back-up power arrangements, this guaranties a secure and continuous working environment for the customer.
    The operator consoles are configured to meet the specific demands of the operators.

    May 12, 2012 – Kolibri Systems present at the TETRA World Congress 2012 in Dubai.

    Kolibri will unveil the new Media Server and demonstrate the Kolibri product suite.
    On Tuesday there shall be a presentation at the TETRA LIVE event on implementing advanced dispatch solutions.

    With the new Media Server, hardware and software go hand-in-hand resulting in a robust, solid and polished looking product. On the first introduction the new Media Server was received with great enthusiasme.
    Further on display is our Kolibri product overview with the latest features and capabilities.
    This includes advanced configuration of the GUI, extensive configuration and customization of the Kolibri system to specific customer requirements and new connections to radiosystems.

    Kolibri highlights at the TWC 2012:

    • ✓ Presentation "Implementing Advanced Dispatch solutions" at the TETRA LIVE event on Tuesday at 12:25 hour.
    • ✓ General overview of the Kolibri product suite
    • ✓ unveiling of the new Media Server

    You are kindly invited to visit us at our stand for a demonstration or discuss the possibilities of Kolibri or meet us at the TETRA LIVE presentation.

    Please visit us at stand B202

    March 12, 2012 – Successfull start for Kolibri of 2012.

    With customers all over the world, from the Artic to the Caribbean and in all kinds of workfields, it is evident that Kolibri is the suitable solution for each Control Room.

    The exhibitions at the PMR Expo in Cologne, the Hamburger Kommunications Tag and the Motorola Executive Partner Conference in Dublin made it possible for new customers to experience the capabilities and the possibilities of Kolibri's product suite and made it clear that Kolibri and its dedicated and responsive development team can deliver the Control Room solution that is needed.

    Why customers choose Kolibri:

    • ✓ Simultaneous control of TETRA, MOTOTRBO, NEXEDGE and Analog
    • ✓ Smooth migration scenarios
    • ✓ COTS with customizable enterprise logic
    • ✓ Configurable GUI
    • ✓ True IP-based
    • ✓ Integration with external systems
    • ✓ Single console to redundant multi-node WAN configuration

    With Analog systems at the end of there lifecycle and the imminent migration to Digital Radiosystems, the seamless and simultaneous control of different radio platform eases this migration. Combined with the possibilities of customization, have made that customers choose Kolibri as their Control Room solution.

    February 06, 2012 – Kolibri Systems present at the Hamburger Kommunicationstag.

    Kolibri Systems will be present at the Hamburger Kommunicationstag of our partner BESCom Elektronik to demonstrate its leading Control Room solutions. Kolibri brings the full capabilities and strenght of TETRA, DMR or Analog to your Control Room.

    At the Kommunicationstag Kolibri shall demonstrate its advanced MOTOTRBO solution with new capabilities and new features.

    December 21, 2011 – Kolibri Systems as Professional Radio Development Partner of Motorola.

    As of December 2011, Kolibri Systems is a Development Partner of Motorola. Motorola is the world's leading company on Mission Critical radio systems.

    We are proud to announce this Development Partnerschip, which shows Kolibri's commitment to be a reliable partner in bringing intuitive and innovative solutions to the high demand Control Rooms worldwide. Together with Motorola, we at Kolibri Systems are continuously improving our product suite, implementing new ideas, desired functionality and emerging technologies to provide our customers with the best possible solution for their specific need. This partnership will intensify this effort.

    Kolibri's product suite connects to Motorola's TETRA solution as well as MOTOTRBO, Motorola's versatile DMR solution.

    November 11, 2011 – Kolibri System present at PMRExpo in Köln

    In cooperation with our German partner BESCom we exhibit at the PMRExpo (Kölner Messe).

    Kolibri Systems demonstrates its leading IP solution. This solution brings advanced TETRA and MOTOTRBO functionality to your Control Room. With the new release (Version 6) Kolibri is fully prepared for the high demand of control rooms in Mission Critical PMR environments.

    Key features of the new release are:

    • – MOTOTRBO support
    • – Classic resource view
    • – Multiple Map layers
    • – Last Call Recorder
    • – Patches
    Visit us in hall 10.2 stand A40 or watch our presentation.

    April 18, 2011 – Kolibri present at TETRA World Congress in Budapest.

    Kolibri Systems will be present at the next edition of the TETRA World Congress in Budapest – May 24–27, 2011. Kolibri Systems will demonstrate their leading IP solution to bring TETRA to your Control Room in Mission Critical environments. This will be the latest release (v6) which is fully prepared for the high demand of control rooms with an intense radio usage.
    With its new Release 6, Kolibri brings the mid-sized control rooms to the professional level that it needs. Besides the extended radio dispatcher, a geographical tracking interface and full TETRA capabilities, the new release adds to the Kolibri offer: Patches; Indoor positioning; Support for DMR (MOTOTRBO); Support for DMO; Classic group view (screen resource per group); Dynamic group/radio assignment to consoles; Drag & Drop; Last call replay.

    Please visit us at booth E.202

    February 24, 2011 – Demonstration of ZONITH‘s indoor localisation system during the Hamburger Kommunikationstag.

    Kolibri is now integrated with the indoor localisation system of its partner ZONITH, which is first demonstrated in Hamburg, February 24. Using LAN connected Bluetooth beacons, TETRA devices with a Bluetooth antenna within range will be detected, so that also outside GPS reception, the device‘s location can be identified. With TETRA-site-ID, GPS and these beacons, Kolibri now supports radio localisation on three precision levels.

    February 1, 2011 – Release 5.3 – (automatic) patch and DMO gateway capabilities

    With Release 5.3, Kolibri introduces patch capabilities. This allows to connect calls (group or private) within Kolibri, be it through the user interface or automatically (e.g. fixed settings or through an external trigger). This allows to create a smart gateway between two different systems, including 2 TETRA systems, with efficient use of network resources. With the extension of the MediaServer to also support DMO, a smart DMO–TMO gateway has been created.

    December 15, 2010 – Kolibri Systems and Shun Hing System Integration announce their partnership for the Hong Kong and Macau market.

    Kolibri Systems and Shun Hing System Integration have signed an exclusive partnership agreement for the distribution of the Kolibri product in the Hong Kong and Macau market. Shun Hing System Integration has a team of experience and highly skilled radio communications people with expertise in the design, supply and operation of TETRA networks and applications. Based on these capabilities the staff of Shun Hing has been trained during a Kolibri Technical and Commercial training in Kuala Lumpur on the Dispatch, Tracking & Tracing, Gateway and Voice Logging products of Kolibri Systems and are now well equipped to design and build solutions for their clients. Kolibri products are vendor in-depended and will benefit both existing and new TETRA network of all major vendors and assist the network owners/operators to continue to strive to improve the safety of personnel and efficiency of their operations.
    Website Shun Hing:

    November 10, 2010 – Kolibri present at PMRExpo in Köln and the SKMM/MCMC “Trunked Radio – Beyond Voice with TETRA” in Kuala Lumpur.

    Kolibri Systems will demonstrate its latest release (v 5.1.7) which is fully prepared for the high demand of industrial plants with an intense radio usage.
    We will be present with our German partner BESCom (stand E02) at the PMRExpo in the Kölner Messe from 23-25 November 2010.
    At the TETRA applications forum (30 November) in Kuala Lumpur, organized by SKMM/MCMC, Kolibri will be present with its Maylasian partner Supreme Landmobile & Wireless Corporation.

    August 16, 2010 – Release 5.1 – Adding telephony over SIP, Paging and reporting and replay improvements
    With its new Release 5, Kolibri brings the mid-sized control rooms to the professional level that it deserves. The new release adds to the Kolibri offer: Telephony over SIP (112/911), Paging (TAP), Improved fully integrated audio replay and track replay, System monitoring through SNMP traps.

    With the introduction of SIP and Paging in Kolibri, these can now be integrated with TETRA/Radio into one GUI – creating a better overview and a better reaction time for operators in the control room.

    The audio and event logging of Kolibri is now extended with an improved voice replay and track replay application. The two functions can be replayed as one event – allowing reviewers to retrace both the geographical situations as well as the replay the recorded voice at the same time. With these improvements a number of usability improvements have been introduced – while keeping the Kolibri flexibility to match specific process related requirements.

    May 19, 2010 – Kick-off Asia Pacific
    Kolibri Systems announces its presence in the Asian market on the TETRA World Congress in Singapore, 25-27 May 2010. At the stand E.403 we will demonstrate our unique TETRA call handling capabilities for control rooms. It can be provided fully integrated with radio-tracking and includes the SIP interface to combine radio and telephony calls in one screen. To give a direct support and close follow up on customer requests, a representative agent for the Asian and Pacific markets will be stationed in Singapore.

    February 24, 2010 – Kolibri Systems and BESCom announce their partnership for the German market
    At the next Hamburger Kommunikationstag, February 25th, Kolibri Systems and BESCom Elektronik announce their collaboration for the German market. With the experienced and highly skilled team in TETRA radio communications, BESCom is the ideal partner for Kolibri to provide and support the professional radio dispatch and tracking (AVL) solutions to German TETRA system owners and users, as well as to other system integrators. BESCom and Kolibri will work to improve the ability of control rooms to increase personnel safety and operation‘s efficiency through a better usage of TETRA systems.
    Website BESCom:

    January 7, 2010 – Release 4.3 – Adding new process support capabilities – Particularly suited for Industry and Security
    With the launch of Release 4.3 Kolibri Systems increases its capabilities with new functionalities: the possibility to use complex geofences to initiate triggers; with regular expression parsing, commands can be extracted from SDS text messages; dynamic aliasing – showing changed aliases in all overviews at once; the displaying of item labels on the map. The new functionality in particular aids industrial TETRA system users to better keep administrative track over the radio fleet, e.g. when there is one radio for more users and allows to match the use of TETRA radio communication in the working procedures, thus winning time. Also both industry and security are helped with (virtual) geofences – which can trigger a timer, alarms or messages (both to the console and/or the radio) when entering, leaving, or being inside or outside the geofenced area.

    November 9, 2009 – Kolibri application partner for EADS and Motorola TETRA programmes
    Kolibri Systems has recently been accepted by EADS for its TWISP application partner programme. Kolibri already is a member of the Motorola Dimetra IP application partner programme, which has been displayed in a number of leading dispatch and control room applications connected to a Motorola TETRA infrastructure. In the same sense, Kolibri is committed to help customers to utilize the true strengths of EADS TETRA systems as well. We will continue to add value to leading TETRA system providers.

    July 28, 2009 – Release 4.1 introduces User defined Action triggers
    In July, Kolibri Systems, launched its latest Software release (4.1). This release introduces the possibility to define new Action Triggers. Action Triggers are a powerful feature of Kolibri to create new user-defined application capabilities and control external systems. A particular trigger - either external or through the Kolibri console - can start a set of actions. Examples are that through this an external gate can be opened; an external system, e.g. CCTV, can be given a control signal; or, when an alarm is set off an SDS can be sent to radios. An additional advantage is that through this user specific functionality within Kolibri can be defined. Other new features within Release 4.1, include Server Redundancy, Multiple Screen support, Multiple user accounts per console and a number of GUI improvements.

    May 8, 2009 – Kolibri demonstrated by the Police of La Louvière, Belgium.
    On May 8, the police of La Louvière demonstrated Kolibri during an innovation showcase to the press. Kolibri’s dispatch and tracking, provided to them by Zenitel Belgium, is mentioned to be a key innovation to improve the safety of their personnel. The solution runs on the EADS-TETRA network of A.S.T.R.I.D. link

    April 10, 2009 – Kolibri presentation at TETRA World Congress.
    Kolibri Systems will be present at the TETRA World Congress in Munich – May 26-29, 2009. Kolibri Systems provides a leading control room interface that delivers the maximum benefit from often hidden TETRA capabilities. This allows users and owners of smaller networks to improve their operations and get more from their TETRA investment. Please visit us at booth B.806 and pre-book a demonstration time via or attend our presentation in the exhibitor showcase area at 10:30 AM on Thursday, May 28.