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TETRA interfaces
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//TETRA interfaces
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Kolibri works with interfaces to from different manufacturers. Kolibri utilizes two different types of IP wired connections: IP wired for Data (combines with our wireless MediaServer solution for voice communication) and IP wired for Voice and Data.
With the IP wired for Data, Position and Control messages can be sent via the IP wired instead of using the radio capacity of the wireless connection. Also, using an IP wired solution makes more functionalities available to users, such as Affiliation information, Regrouping (DGNA), Registration information of radios and Enable/Disable radios.
For solutions with large voice capacity needs, an IP wired solution is available.

Kolibri have implemented several IP wired interfaces for voice and data. IP wired for Data is available on Motorola Dimetra systems, Rohill TetraNode and DAMM TetraFlex. Ip wired for Voice and Data is available for the DAMM TetraFlex system.


DAMM TeraFlex
Motorola Dimetra IP

  • CADI
  • SDR
  • ATIA
      Rohill TIG (v2)