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TETRA interfaces
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//TETRA interfaces
System integration
Media Server // Direct switch connection // KoliLink-XML switch interface

Kolibri Systems’ MediaGateway connects radios to our server software. The audio from a radio is converted into IP format by KoliAudio and is then directly sent to the client’s PC (and vice-versa). KoliComm handles all the control signals to and from radios, and adapts to manage specifications from Motorola, Airbus, Sepura radios.

The flexibility and software setup of our control module is designed to easily adapt to work with radios from diverse systems, and to expand the benefits of Kolibri to Analog, DMR and GSM.

Multiple systems and technologies can be connected, handled and managed at the same time, which is a huge advantage for customers. With KoliDispatch, direct connections can be made between users or groups of dissimilar systems. Through this a multiple system environment is supported (e.g. when migrating from one technology to another).