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Flexible & Failsafe Configurations
Kolibri's IP advantage for...
Your critical missions
Track & dispatch
User interface & intuition
//Flexibility & robustness
Event logging & reporting
TETRA interfaces
System integration
Single - multi - distant agent positions // System redundancy

Kolibri Systems’s control room software runs on commercial servers. And, our hardware module, Media Server, connects user radios. All server and desktop hardware, speaking gear and IP connections, as well as radios and/or the TETRA infrastructure connection, should be provided by the customer or systems integrator. Kolibri software requires Windows XP Professional, and runs on most modern PCs.

Configurations can be small – from a single user up to larger multiple operator solutions. Kolibri’s synchronization module allows two servers to be positioned as redundant (hot-stand-by). This limits the impact of system/hardware failures.