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Control operators managing critical situations have an abundance of technologies available to help them make choices, create oversight (situational awareness) and act quickly. However, their effectiveness suffers when they are forced to manage an array of different technologies while trying to stay focused on safely managing critical situations. In emergencies, intuition is required to make good decisions. Critical time is lost, and decision-making clouded, when operators waste time struggling to interpret and manage numerous technologies and streams of information simultaneously.

By clustering the control room’s Graphical User Interface (GUI) around safety processes, instead of technology, operators can more intuitively manage information and base their decisions on processes, instead of technology. These key processes are prevention, situational analysis and response.

Kolibri facilitates inter-connectivity and integration between disparate systems. Our GUI supports common radio protocols and overviews. Kolibri’s applications can work with the operations and processes of any control room.

The applications can be configured in different ways – and such that they fit the operations and processes of the control room.


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