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KoliTrack // KoliDispatch

KoliDispatch efficiently manages all mission-critical dispatch functions, enabling agents to quickly communicate with staff in the field via any mobile device. For TETRA radio users all basic functions are fully supported. KoliDispatch amplifies existing features in TETRA and other systems to provide insights into available staff, (including who is switched on), and facilitates responding more quickly and collaboratively to unplanned events. Interface gateways are available for Motorola’s Dimetra IP and Rohill’s TetraNode. Customized interfaces for other gateways can be designed upon request.


Group and private calls
Text messages (send/receive)
Process emergency calls and status messages
Dynamic regrouping (DGNA)
Ambient listening
Radio group and registration status (on/off)
Channel dependent audio volumes
Group call monitoring
Last call replay (roadmap)