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Your mission critical operations (examples)
Kolibri's IP advantage for...
//Your critical missions
Track & dispatch
User interface & intuition
Flexibility & robustness
Event logging & reporting
TETRA interfaces
System integration
Emergency call response // Area clearing (alarming) // Read and confirm mission (task) // Connect to dispatch // Street and camera surveillance // Connect alarms and guard tours

Control rooms frequently use multiple systems, such as radio dispatch, track and trace and CCTV (camera). Integrating applications into one interface gives control room operators a more direct and better overview so they can activate systems and people in the field accordingly.

For example, when an incident is reported an operator can call the nearest security guard or activate a surveillance camera. Clicking on the camera generates a view of the situation and helps determine whether the closest available team should be alerted. Still photos from the camera can be sent to the team to prepare them for the situation.

While these functions may already exist in most communications systems, integrating them dramatically improves situational awareness, improving response times and public safety.


Kolibri enables objects to be displayed on a map and assigned specific instructions, including control commands to other systems.