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Your mission critical operations (examples)
Kolibri's IP advantage for...
//Your critical missions
Track & dispatch
User interface & intuition
Flexibility & robustness
Event logging & reporting
TETRA interfaces
System integration
Emergency call response // Area clearing (alarming) // Read and confirm mission (task) // Connect to dispatch // Street and camera surveillance // Connect alarms and guard tours

During an emergency, responders often need to reach crisis coordination teams or others outside of their radio coverage. This is particularly difficult when GSM networks are overloaded because people who have been alerted to danger in their neighbourhood start calling relatives and others.

In such situations connecting different radio or private mobile networks is essential. For example, in a harbor, an industrial plant user may be on Smartnet, police and fire brigades on a TETRA public safety network, and harbor services on Marine Radio. Connecting these different radio networks together enables critical communications to proceed uninterrupted. More importantly, coordination between all of the involved parties is greatly enhanced.


Kolibri’s software connects multiple TETRA networks together, as well as other mobile technologies. Disparate systems can be managed as one from a central interface that seamlessly connects all radio calls.