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Your mission critical operations (examples)
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Emergency call response // Area clearing (alarming) // Read and confirm mission (task) // Connect to dispatch // Street and camera surveillance // Connect alarms and guard tours

Text messaging and ‘requests to confirm’ acceptance of a task improves the understanding of the task and enables flexibility in communicating changes. Radio users in a factory or process plant are often surrounded by noise. This makes simple verbal tasks, like opening a specific valve, prone to error. Sending a task via text to an employee’s radio, then requesting confirmation, clarifies communications and reduces misunderstandings.

In the airline industry, preparing a specific gate for an arriving aircraft often changes due to flight delays. This means that baggage handling teams, cleaning staff, etc., must quickly receive the message from the airline. Text messaging new gate preparation instructions to all parties improves multi-team communication and reduces response times and errors.


Enhanced by Kolibri’s user interface and system gateways, text and status messaging within TETRA creates a better communication confirmation method for users.