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Your mission critical operations (examples)
Kolibri's IP advantage for...
//Your critical missions
Track & dispatch
User interface & intuition
Flexibility & robustness
Event logging & reporting
TETRA interfaces
System integration
Emergency call response // Area clearing (alarming) // Read and confirm mission (task) // Connect to dispatch // Street and camera surveillance // Connect alarms and guard tours

Every day your personnel work in or around hazardous areas (e.g., factories, airplanes). If a dangerous situation develops (e.g., gas leak, fire) in a specific area, your control room operator can instantly alert all radio users within or near the affected area. Calls or messages to vacate, respond to the alarm, or take other action can be quickly and effectively conveyed - regardless of Talkgroup or channel assignment.

An imaginary “fence” can also be drawn around the area to warn any new staff approaching the danger zone to stay away. Thus, alerting employees and clearing them from unsafe areas is more flexible, specific and faster. The result is heightened safety for your personnel and the public.


Kolibri uses Dynamic Group Number Allocation and position polling to alert radios within an area of danger. Customer maps integrate with commercial maps to provide better detail on specific locations.