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Your mission critical operations (examples)
Kolibri's IP advantage for...
//Your critical missions
Track & dispatch
User interface & intuition
Flexibility & robustness
Event logging & reporting
TETRA interfaces
System integration
Emergency call response // Area clearing (alarming) // Read and confirm mission (task) // Connect to dispatch // Street and camera surveillance // Connect alarms and guard tours

Making business and operations safer and more secure is an increasing focus within most organizations. Since communications play a key role in achieving these objectives, upgrading your wireless communication system makes sense. Many organizations now realize that a handful of minor adjustments to processes, combined with some practical applications, can improve safety. Unearthing these capabilities makes investing in a wireless digital technology – like TETRA – well worth it. Please find examples of how Kolibri Systems – combined with hidden TETRA features and other system strengths can help you to improve your mission critical operations:

- emergency call response
- area clearing
- read and confirm mission
- connect to dispatch
- street and camera surveillance
- connect with alarms and guard tours