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Kolibri Systems is a software developer devoted to control room applications such as dispatch and tracking. Being an agile and responsive company, we excel in collaborating with our customers to build a customized control environment that meets their specific needs. Our operator-friendly interfaces support a user’s intuition, empowering them to act quickly on incidents. Moreover, Kolibri Systems’s IP-based products unearth the full, rich functionality of TETRA, DMR, NEXEDGE, LTE and/or Analog, helping you to boost your control room’s capabilities and efficiency.

Kolibri Systems is:

  • Rohill solution partner
  • Motorola DIMETRA Authorized Licensed Developer
  • Motorola MOTOTRBO Authorized Licensed Developer
  • Kenwood Solution Developer Partner
  • ISO 9001 certified

    Latest news

    KOLIBRI 8 is released !

    Kolibri version 8.1.0
    Release date: 01 October 2020

    We are proud to announce the release of Kolibri 8, it packs lots of new features and improvements.
    If you want more information on a specific item, send us an email to:

    New in Kolibri 8

    Product improvements

    • Improved support for audio devices: Audio devices, such as microphones, are more resistant to USB changes.
    • Map on subpage/tab: A map or even multiple maps can now be placed on a subpage or background tab. This is ideal for small monitor screens.
    • Filter shown information on dispatcher: The operator can now filter information (such as registered radios and talkgroups) shown on his or her console. Or this can be done automatically by Kolibri using predefined filters.
    • Additional GUI configuration option: The already comprehensive GUI options are now further improved. For example: the whole talkgroup cell can act as a select/unselect button or transmit on that talkgroup.
    • PostgreSQL 12: Improved database replication. Kolibri 8 uses the latest PostgreSQL database for the Kolibri configuration database and the logging database: PostgreSQL version 12. This includes improved database replication, better table segregation and improved security.
    • Telephony consultation call: Consultation call is now supported.

    New gateways and interfaces

    • Radio Activity Kairos support: New in Kolibri 8 are the IP gateways to connect to the Radio Activity SLR “Kairos” radio network solutions (VHF).
    • Motorola DIMETRA support: Kolibri support full IP interfacing, voice (DCS) and data (ATIA, SDR, CADI) with Motorola Dimetra Express, Release 9 and X-Core radio networks.
    • Motorola CAPMAX IP support: New in Kolibri 8 are the IP gateways to connect to a Motorola MOTOTRBO CAPMAX. The IP interfaces supports audio and data.
    • Hytera ACCESSNET-T IP support: New in Kolibri 8 are the IP gateways to connect to a Hytera ACCESSNET-T radio network. The IP interfaces supports audio and data.
    • Airbus DXT TCS support: New in Kolibri 8 are the IP gateways to connect to an Airbus DXT Tetra Connection Server (TCS). With the Kolibri solution there is no need for the Airbus Tetra Voice Gateway (TVG). The IP interfaces supports audio and data.
    • ED-137 support: ED-137 is now supported by Kolibri. ED-137 is a standard used in Air Traffic and Maritime radio communication.

    End of support of Kolibri version 6.5
    With the release of Kolibri 8.1 comes an end of support of Kolibri 6.5. The support will end six month from now on March 31, 2021.

    Upgrade to Kolibri version 8.1
    With a Support & Software License Renewal (SLR) contact in place upgrading to Kolibri 8.1 is possible with no additional licenses fees.
    If there is no SLR contract in place a Release Upgrade to Kolibri 8.1 can be purchased with a very attractive discount.
    For more information on Kolibri 8.1 or to purchase a Kolibri 8.1 Release Upgrade, please contact us via: